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CyberPunkRP is a HalfLife 2 Garry's Mod Gamemode.
Developed by: Radioactive Cricket

CyberPunkRP has been in the planning stage since May 2010. It was our next planned project after PostNukeRP reached a certin point in its development cycle. While CPRP may contain some of the same systems PNRP has, it is still a gamemode built from the ground up.
The coding phase for CPRP started in April 2013.

As the name suggests, CPRP will be a CyberPunk Themed Gamemode. This gamemode will rely more on the RP aspect and will not rely on Survival like PostNukeRP.

Q. Will we release the gamemode code?
A. Yes

Q. When will the code get released?
A. Just as we did with PostNukeRP, when we finish it. We do not like releasing unfinished work.

Q. Can I join the Development Team?
A. No, we do not take applications for new development staff. When or if we are ever looking for someone we will post it on the forums.

Q. Can I join the Dev server and help test?
A. No. It will be a while until we are actually ready to test much. And when we do invite testers we will choose from the community on the Development forums.

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Radioactive Cricket